Events, teambuilding and adrenaline in The Czech Republic and South Moravia

Outdoor and adrenaline

adrenalineSouth Moravia offers an abundance of places which are just perfect for adrenalin programs and fun events.

Whether you would like to see the beauty of the local vineyards from up above or have an action airsoft combat with your colleagues, we can do it all. Combine all the activities below and create the perfect program yourself.


Take one of our already made programs and change it to fit your needs. Extend it to a two-day program if you like. Let us take care of everything else like transportation or accommodation.

Tandem Paragliding

tandem-paraglidingThis is one of the greatest adrenalin activities we have in stock for you. There is no other way you can get up in the skies so effortlessly. Without disturbing engine noises enjoy a freedom and a beautiful view while sitting in a comfortable seat with some of the best paragliding experts in Europe.



 Paragliding for beginners

seznameni-paraglidingAs unreal as it might sound, you can fly the paraglide on your own. We will take you to the most suitable place for beginners (typically a field) and provide all the necessary equipment. A group of qualified instructors will teach you how to handle a parachute, they will strap you into a chair, and help you with a start. The first experience is often mind blowing and because you will fly a very short distance only couple meters above the ground, we will not be surprised, if you would like to try it again right away.  


teambuilding-boyard-czech-events-9Get down from a castle tower just like an action hero would. Strapped in a harness using a special rock climbing friction device you can control the speed with just one hand. Professional instructors are of course going to be there to give you a hand in case you need it. 



Self-defence class

Firemni-akce-Teambuilding-vyuka-sebeobrany"The best defence is not to get in a fight in the first place." Therefore, in the introduction part our instructor will explain different ways of getting out of these unpleasant situations with just using your words and postures. Second part contains mainly the basic techniques which you might want to use in case you get in trouble in bars, bus stations or dark streets and which will help you to handle even a much bigger and stronger opponent than you are. 


High-rope course

Firemni akce vysoke-lanove-prekazkyYou will be introduced to a system of ropes hanging in between the tress in about 8m height where the goal is to climb from one end to the other one. You will need a good grip, strong muscles and a portion of creativity and bravery in order to get to the other side. If you want to spice things up a little, try one of the team obstacles. After accomplishing this course, you will certainly feel that you pushed your limits. 


Bobsleigh track

Firemni-akce-teambuilding-bobova-drahaGo downhill on more than 1km long track. Put your hands on the break and enjoy the beautiful scenery of South Moravian region. Let go of the break and slide down faster than a racing car driver. Arrive to the finish line and go again...and believe me, you will.



Low-rope course

Firemi-akce-nizke-lanove-prekazkyA set of rope constructions hanging in between trees in max. 1m height designed for a horizontal climbing. They are great for improving your balance skills and flexibility. Great fun starts at team obstacles where two and more people must work together in order to get to the end.




kiting04aPower-kiting is an adrenalin activity where a large kite is designed to give you a significant pull as you stand on a small buggy or a skateboard. It is important for beginners to be able to handle the kite properly first. Our instructors will give you all the necessary pointers, help you to choose the right terrain and wind conditions, and watch for your safety.  




Firemni-akce-teambuilding-airsoftThis is a combat adrenaline activity where teamwork is absolutely essential. We prefer it over better known paintball as airsoft is way more authentic. If you are in a good shape and have the ability to make the right decisions quickly, then get ready to eliminate your opponents! 



Quad tours

ctyrkolky01aExplore the surroundings riding one of our quads guided by a qualified instructor. We will gladly answer some of your questions about safety, driving techniques and quad tricks and watch you finding out what your vehicle can do and what places it can take you to.  




luky01aArchery is always a part of our medieval castle program. A group of archers will show you how to handle variety of old as well as modern bows and crossbows and will also provide many historical facts and stories about these old weapons. In a series of mini-games and tournaments you will have a chance to experience everything on your own while shooting on traditional and non-traditional targets.  


Rafting and canoeing

kanoe01aThe old river, Dyje, peacefully floating through the forests and parks of Lednicko-Valticky region, gives us a great opportunity to take you for a mellow canoeing tour. The whole ride takes between two to three hours and is also suitable for beginners and kids. The more experienced paddlers can enjoy the stunning scenery along the way. 




Firemni-akce-teambuilding-foukackyAttractive shooting activity originally used by ancient Indians and secret agents is perfect for both, team buildings and family day programs. Blowguns are easy to handle and very fun to shoot from. During this activity, we put special emphasise on your safety as well as hygiene.  



Bungee running

Firemni-akce-teambuilding-bungee-runningUnusual activity we use mostly for family and sports days. Test your running skills being clipped on a long bungee rope. 





Beam fight

Firemni-akce-teambuilding-souboj-na-kladineThis is a very popular part of our "Fort Boyard" medieval program. Competing groups fight one-on-one on a beam with long foam poles trying to knock the opponent down. Although this game is inspired by rough medieval merciless fights, we will ask you to wear safety helmets and follow a basic set of rules.  




Firemni-akce-teambuilding-cyklistikaWell known and popular activity. There are always plenty of great destinations to go to around places where our team building events are held. Lednice castle especially offers a huge variety of gorgeous nature sceneries and beautiful sights.


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