Indiana and the Holy Grail

Indiana-Jones-Team-buildingIndiana and Holy Grail is an adventurous program which is inspired by popular movies like Indiana Jones, Mummy or Lara Croft. It is one of our team building programs that comes with a legend, i.e. next to regular team building and team activities there is also a theatrical element which is an important part of the program and which mediates an intensive experience to participants.

Unlike our other programs like Fort Boyard Mysteries, Be like a James Bond we put an emphasis on a team element. The teams participating are not competing against each other but on contrary it is necessary to to cooperate at certain phases of the program to reach the goal.

Indiana-Jones-Team-building-5Indiana-Jones-Team-building-2The main theme of the program is a search for the Holy Grail. This legendary relic had been considered to be lost for thousands of years but now some new trails has been found. These can lead to reveal the mysterious thing. Unfortunately it hasn't been only the Dr. Jones' archaeological team who look for it but military counter intelligence longing for unlimited power which is bond to the Grail as well. So Indy is forced to call some of the most influential experts in the field of archaeology. These will set out to the broad world to look for clues leading to uncover the legendary relic.

Indiana-Jones-Team-building-4Indiana-Jones-Team-building-3The team building program Indy and the Holy Grail starts with motivation scene with Indy himself, an evil Turk Omar and the female members of the archaeological team of Dr. Jones. The participants of the program are split into university teams and under the archaeologists' supervision they set out to search for the clues. Normally these are about six to eight outdoor stations. What follows is a partial evaluation of the program which is finished by an event climax which consists by decoding the clues and finding the Holy Grail.

The program is suitable for groups of all sizes (tens to hundreds). It is a team building program however it is possible to integrate different adrenaline activities into it which would add an admirable and cool element to it.

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