Fort Boyard Mysteries

teambuilding-boyard-czech-events-1This program that is inspired by a popular TV show "Keys to the Fort Boyard", takes place in the Czech medieval castles (typically Svojanov, Jan's castle or Tocnik).

Activities and games are picked according to your requirements and physical dispositions of the participants. Boyard has the strongest stylization of all of our team building programs.

All participants are divided into groups where each group represents one imprisoned aristocratic family. Before they can even think about looking for the secret documents for clearing their good names and to compromise Duke Zavis, they will have to learn to live by a specific set of rules that apply in prison.


Czech lands are ruled by an old king who is beginning to make bad decisions. It is clear that his time on a throne is almost up. With no successors, one of the aristocratic families is most likely to get in charge soon. Závis, an ambitious ruler of the area at that time, is well aware of that and invites the most powerful aristocratic families to his castle to make a plan of bringing the king down. However, right upon arrival, all the invited families are imprisoned and Zavis confiscates their property. The group of unjustly sentenced lords decides to breakout from the castle dungeon and resume their credit.


To succeed, they have to learn what rules apply in the dark castle jail full of hunchbacked riff-raffs and cunning courtesans and to demonstrate their physical and mental strengths, slyness, courage and knowledge. In order to increase their chances of escape, they are divided into several groups which have to cooperate as well as compete during the breakout. Only the best ones can gain the honor and the glory back.


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