Be like a James Bond!

teambuilding-czech-events-james-bond-2James Bond Team building program is inspired by spy film movies and takes all the participants to a secret MI6 training center where they are about to undergo a hard physical and psychological training to become 007 agents.

Stylization is very important here therefore our instructors are ordered to get the best out of you. They will not let you catch a breath until the training is completed.

The program is built to be flexible and can entertain tens to hundreds of people at the same time. If what you want to achieve is to improve your team dynamic, we will pick activities which enhance learning and teamwork. However, if you are coming mainly to have fun and enjoy yourselves, we will make sure the stylization is really juicy and the program is filled with adventure and adrenaline activities.


Right upon arrival, participants are divided into teams and are required report to the colonel at HQ for their 1st briefing. Colonel explains the situation, gives the teams apecific objectives and assigns a commander to each group. These commanders are the best agents who have previously proven their qualities in real action.


They will motivate and lead their groups at all the training sessions and try to squeeze the best out of everyone. After the training is finished all the teams are deployed on mission to search and defuse a nuclear bomb that has been set to destroy the world.


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