Z-AGENCY team is formed by professional outdoor and sports instructors, artists and actors. New members of our team are always being very carefully chosen and trained. We make sure they have both, professional and personal qualities.

Now let us introduce some of the people you are most likely to meet on one of our events.

Blog and Why pick Us

  • Profesionality

  • Extraordinary services

  • We love team building!

safety-profesionalityWe take your safety very seriously. Due to the adrenaline activities we only employ qualified instructors who have been properly trained and certified to run them.

All the equipment is being regularly checked and replaced if necessary.

Safety-and-profesionalityEvery client is different and unique, therefore we approach each and every one of you individually. We will do our best to tailor the program to fit to all your needs and requirements.

Mutual trust and friendly working environment are our absolute priorities in the partnership with you.

We-Love-TeambuildingWhat a joy it is to see you jumping with straight feet and big smiles on your faces into activities you have never done before. What a privilege to watch you (sometimes paralyzed by fear) pushing your limits repelling from a castle tower, loudly supported by all your team mates.

Team building is not only our job but mainly our hobby. Every smile you give us motivates us to keep going.

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